Gracious God, we thank you for creating a world of ethnic diversity and yet too often we do not honour that diversity. We thank you for sending Your Son Jesus to preach a message of justice and equality for all people, and yet too often we fail to heed that message. Loving and forgiving God, we ask for forgiveness for the times when we have not allowed the voices of our brothers and sisters to be heard, for the times when we have failed to speak out and allowed prejudice to hurt and destroy the lives of others. God of Grace, we pray for all those whose lives are disadvantaged simply because of the colour of their skin. We come before you in the name of Jesus Christ who taught us to love, honour and respect all people equally, regardless of ethnicity, gender or social status.  May we as a Church, seek to bring restoration, justice, equality and healing into our communities, and may we commit to a vision of a world where ‘your kingdom come’, the coming of a Kingdom where the voices of all your people are heard. Amen.