Psalm 37:3         NIV
“Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture”.

A week on from ‘Freedom Day’, we reflect upon words of both challenge and assurance by Margaret Langdon. Thank you Margaret.

Freedom what’s that?
Free to grow, but rooted to the ground
Free to set seed, but dying to nurture it

Free to increase in size, but in danger of falling
Free to spread, but pruned to create order

Free to blossom, but needing the sun
Free to stand tall, but needing the rain

Is freedom a dependent state?
Our freedom is dependency on God

In growing we need to be rooted in Him
In producing seed we need to die to self

In increasing our territory we need to have good foundations
In enlarging our range we need to be pruned to cope

We blossom in the light of God
We stand tall in the rain of his promises

Yes, freedom in God is dependence on Him
Without that we are a dry uprooted tumbleweed