Psalm 33: 4- 7
‘God’s word is true, and everything he does is right. He loves what is right and fair; the Lord’s love fills the earth. The sky was made at the Lord’s command. By the breath from his mouth, he made all the stars. He gathered the water of the sea into a heap. He made the great ocean stay in its place. All the earth should worship the Lord’.

Gracious God, today we come to You in prayer as we join with people of all faiths, races and cultures, across our world, to celebrate Earth Day. We give You thanks for the incredible world You have given us, for its beauty, diversity, mysteries, resources and the opportunities it affords us for life. As we stop and look out of a window or step outside our homes or workplaces, help us to appreciate the wonders of the natural world You have created. Lord God, we know that we have damaged our world and upset the eco-systems that allow life to flourish. As world leaders gather today, we pray for conversations to remove any obstacles that prevent the healing of our planet. We pray for political, social and economic agendas that will create opportunities for humankind to focus on restoring the natural environment You have entrusted into our care. Help us to play our part in preserving the richness of our earthly home for future generations. Lord God, for the wonder of Your Creation we praise, thank and honour You, Amen.