‘For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved’.

Romans 10:13 NIV & Acts 2:21

Your love is so vast,
It created Space,
Your love is so immense,
It made us in your likeness.

Your love is so unbreakable,
It heals and restores,
Your love is so generous,
That Jesus gave his all.

Your love is so powerful,
It gives life to all,
Your love is forever,
For all who call.

God of grace, thank you for this beautiful verse, written not once, but twice, in the Bible. Thank you that, no matter how we feel, You give us this assurance of your unwavering love and certain hope of everlasting life through Jesus.

God of love, draw us close to You, we lift our hearts in praise, and thankfulness for your life and love, given freely for all people.

We pray for all who are unwell, sad, or experiencing difficulties and doubts of any kind. May your open arms draw them close and your loving heart provide comfort, strength and hope.

May we open our arms to welcome and support everyone, in the love and strength of Jesus.  “The eternal God is your refuge, and his everlasting arms are under you.” (Deut 33:27 NLT). Amen.

Ruth Rushworth