Jesus said … “Come, let’s take a break and find a secluded place where you can rest a while.”

Mark 6:31 TPT

Loving God, we come to a quiet place to sit with You. As we rest with You and reflect on Psalm 23, may you guide our own thoughts and prayers….

The Lord is my shepherd…
Lord, you are our protector, watching over us and caring for us. You know our needs before we even ask ……

He leads me to quiet, restful places …. He restores….
Loving God, you know our need for rest and for quiet time with You.  Your presence equips us for life’s journey and brings, replenishment, peace and healing to our souls.

He guides me along the right paths ….
Gracious God, you lead us in ways that are right. We keep our gaze fixed on You.

He walks alongside me….
Lord, You are an ever present help in every situation. Keep us close to You. We need not fear for You are always with us.

His rod and staff comfort me…
Mighty God, your strength and compassion direct, comfort and sustain us.

You have prepared a banquet for me….
Loving God, You rejoice in us.  You are a God of provision, we praise You and rejoice in You.

You anoint me, my cup overflows….
We are precious to you. Thank you for all your heavenly blessings on us through Jesus.

Your goodness and mercy will follow me….
Lord, your goodness, kindness, love and mercy pursues us all of our days.  You never turn your back on us.

I will dwell with You now and forever….
Gracious God, we are welcomed into your family through Jesus. You love and accept us just as we are.  You are with us, your house is our home, now and forever. Amen

Ruth Rushworth