Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth!

Ps 100 NIV

Jesus, Our Lord, our Saviour and King,
You created our beautiful world,
You spoke; and it came into being.

You adorned the heavens with starry skies
The fullness of the sun brings life, light and colour to our eyes.

Mountains high, valleys low, majestic peaks and rivers that flow, all point to a love that we may know.

The mighty oceans vast and deep, brim with creatures and fish, too numerous to assimilate.

Animals, birds, plants and trees, leave us gasping in awe, as we care for so many species.

A world of wonder, a world of might, a world of beauty….. yet in a plight!

Gracious God, we praise you for the gift of our wonderful world and your generous, plentiful provision. We thank you for love, life, light and colour, for the beauty and sounds of nature, for the very air we breath……..

Loving God, You ask us to be good stewards and care for our world and each other. Forgive us when we have misused and depleted resources, and caused harm to our environment and our neighbours. Forgive us when we have not shared what we have with others, for You have provided enough for all.

Loving God, You make all things new, show us how to repair and take care of our world and relationships. Encourage us, that we may have the heart, the mind and will to embrace the changes we need to make. Amen.

Ruth Rushworth

Image M.P. McKellar -used with permission