I have stilled and quieted my soul

Ps131:2 NIV

In the stillness of the moment
In the calm in the peace
Here I meet with Jesus my saviour
To receive his love and grace

To thank him for his wondrous love
His good and perfect ways
To offer myself and my day to him
In love, service and praise.

Gracious God, we take time to put aside the thoughts, distractions and interruptions of the moment, to come before You, our God, our Creator, our Guide, our Sustainer.

You are our hope, our joy, our song, and we praise you for your love and life.  We lift our hearts to you in praise and thankfulness, for  your many blessings in our lives…..  May we pass your blessings on to others as we abide in Jesus. Amen.

Ruth Rushworth