Gracious God, this morning we come to You in prayer for the mental health of our nation. This virus effects us all in so many different ways Lord, and we know the strain that it puts on the mental well-being of many people, of all ages. We pray for all those in need of medical support that resources may be made available. We pray that those in authority will recognise the need to provide effective, professional support and we pray for all health care professionals working to help address mental health issues. So too, we pray that as communities we will continue to nurture and support those who are vulnerable and in need of conversation and a listening ear. And we pray for ourselves Lord, however we are feeling at this time. You are our strength and our support and for this we give You thanks. As we take a moment to enter into Your presence, calm any insecurities or concerns we may have this day and give us a sense of Your peace. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.