.. My grace is all you need…

2 Cor: 12:9 NLT

Loving God,
We come to You,
Our God, our Saviour.
In this quiet space
We worship You,
We praise You,
We thank You.

We listen.
We wait.

We offer ourselves,
our lives up to You,
Trusting, that You
Will bless,
Give back,
And provide,
All we need
In our lives
To love and serve
You and others,
With joy and gladness,
Today and every day.

Come, Lord Jesus,
By you Holy Spirit,
Fill out hearts,
Our minds,
Our lives,
With love for You.

Loving God, imprint your love, your grace, your power and your peace on us through your Holy Spirit, that the light of Jesus may always shine brightly in our lives, homes and communities. Amen.

Ruth Rushworth