Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens, Your faithfulness to the skies.

Ps 36: 5 NIV

Gracious Lord, as we reach the mid point of January, we hear phrases such as “Blue Monday” and the “January blues”.  At times, like the weather, our lives are overcast, grey and cloudy, and we battle against driving rain and blustery winds. Gracious God, we remember that blue skies are above the clouds and that light does penetrate the gloom.

We take time to quieten our minds, slow our breathing, calm any anxious thoughts and be still before you…. We reflect on, praise you and thank you for your love and faithfulness towards us. We lift our eyes to you and share our worries, our concerns and our joys with You, gracious God. May the breath of your Holy Spirit fill us with your strength, your perspective and your peace.

We pray for anyone in need of encouragement, a kind word or a helping hand today.  May we share the love, encouragement and hope we have through our faith in Jesus with one another.  Amen.

Ruth Rushworth