I ponder all you’ve done, Lord..
It’s here in your presence, …
where I learn more of your ways.
For holiness is revealed in everything you do.

Ps 77:12 TPT

Gracious God, we come to you today. We praise you and thank you that you are here with us. Help us to calm and still any restlessness in our body, any rushing thoughts or anxiety in our mind.  Help us to resist any desire to “get on” and to give this time over to you and talk with you……

Loving God, we praise you for Jesus and your love and presence in our lives. We offer this day to you, whether it’s busy, with every minute accounted for, or quiet. We ask you to guide us through it, to show us when to speak, when to be silent; to lead us to people, places and situations where you would have us go. May we be your eyes and ears, your hands and feet, your strength, your comfort and your blessing.

Gracious God, through the inspiration of Jesus and the guidance of your Holy Spirit, we invite you to accompany us on our journey through life today.  Amen.

Ruth Rushworth