God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.
1 John 1:5 NIV

Unfathomable love
Covers the skies.
All powerful love
Brightens our lives.
Ever present love
Holds us close.
Faithful love
In thee we trust.

Oh God of power,
Love and might,
Bless our lives
With heavenly light,
That we may spread
the eternal flame,
To the glory of Jesus,
Forever praise his name.

God of love, God of light, we praise you and reflect on your wonderful love for us…
As the nights draw in, we thank you that the brightness of your love cannot be dimmed, nor diminished.  Your love embraces, surrounds and sustains us. Nothing can separate us from you. We pray –
For anyone who experiences a low mood during the darker autumn and winter months…
For those who are worried about providing food, light, heating, warm clothes and a roof over their head…
For anyone with health concerns of any kind…
For those who do not feel accepted and welcome…
For all working and praying to alleviate suffering and improve the health and circumstances of others…
Merciful God, may we be aware of the needs of those around us and may the ever-present light of Jesus shine brightly in our lives. Amen.

Ruth Rushworth