Lord our God how majestic is your name in all the earth

Ps 8:9 NIV

Every morning lean your arm awhile
Upon the window sill of heaven
And gaze upon your God.
And with this vision in your heart
Turn strong to face the day.

Loving God, we take a moment to be still, to quieten our minds and linger in the coolness and calm of your presence.

Loving God, we raise our hearts and minds in prayer and praise to you. We praise you and thank you for our world, the work of your loving hand. We praise you that it reflects your majesty and power, your purity and clarity, your light and radiance, your peace and calm, your goodness and your infinite love for us. Help us Lord to care for it.

Loving God, sometimes, your voice gets lost among the clamour and demands of the day, the tasks, the deadlines, the expectations or the worries and cares of our lives. If today is a difficult day for us may we pray in the words of the psalmist “be strong, take heart and wait on the Lord.” (Ps 27:14)

As we sit with you today, may your transforming love draw us closer to you and may the features and clarity of your infinite love be reflected in our lives, for Jesus sake. Amen

Ruth Rushworth