Exodus 33:14          ESV
And he said, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”

Gracious God, as we reach the middle of the week, we take a moment to pause, reflect and turn to You. There will be those of us who have had cause to celebrate and be joyful this week. There will be others who have faced challenges and sadnesses, for whom the week is proving difficult, but wherever we are, whatever emotions we are feeling, and whatever the days ahead hold for us, we know that You are with us, and that You will continue to guide and strengthen us through the remainder of the week. And so we give You thanks and we come to You with the assurance of Your presence and Your love. Amen

A reflection by Margaret Langdon
‘I may be cast down, but I’m not cast off
I may be extended, but I’ve not reached the limit
I may be feeling driven, but I haven’t reached the edge
I may be suffering a beating, but I’m not yet knocked out
Because God is always there to pick me up, pull me back, sort me out
And place me on a way that is going onward and upward
His hand is in mine, his arm is round my shoulders,
He is my strength and my redeemer.