(Jesus said) “.. love one another.  As I have loved you so must you love one another.”

John 13:34 NIVUK

Heart of love, enfold us,
Heart of grace, renew us,
Heart of mercy, forgive us,
Heart of peace, calm us,
Heart of provision, feed us,
Heart of strength, enable us,
Heart of joy, gladden us,
Heart of Jesus, be with us.

Gracious God, in the quietness of this moment, we lift our hearts to You in praise, adoration and thankfulness for your heart of love and compassion in Jesus.  We thank you for the supreme sacrifice of his life, given on the cross, for everyone.

In this Holy Week, help us to reflect on Jesus’ life; the way He spoke of the kingdom and family of God and your love for us; the way He forgave, healed and transformed lives; and the way He taught us how to love and serve others with compassion and humility.

Gracious God, we open our hearts to your forgiveness and love.  As we meet with others, may we be the heart and hands of Jesus.  May we offer a listening ear, a word of encouragement or a kind deed, that all may know the hope, joy and blessing of the Easter message.  Amen

Ruth Rushworth