I will stand on solid ground and praise the Lord.
Ps 26:12 NLT

A love that knows no limit,
A love that knows no bounds,
A love that sets us on our feet,
And places us on firm ground.

We build our house in Jesus,
Sink our foundations in his love,
Construct our walls with bricks of truth,
Live under the security of his roof.

Gracious God, we praise you for Jesus, our firm foundation. We praise You for a love that came down from heaven to earth and gave his life on a cross, a love that will go to any lengths to reach out to us and bring us home.

Loving God, we pray for those who have no firm foundation, no shelter, no place of security and nowhere to call home.  May your love and provision underpin all efforts to bring security and shelter to others.

Faithful God, may the solid foundation of Jesus be our strength and support as we seek to follow him.  May your Spirit help us to open our hearts to others and reflect his love in our lives. Amen

Ruth Rushworth