O Lord, I will always sing of your constant love; I will proclaim your faithfulness for ever.

Ps 89:1 GNT

I will sing of your love forever,
You are my rescuer,
You are my Lord,
My rest, my shield, my dwelling place,
Merciful, gracious God.

I will sing of your love forever,
Your love has set me free,
You are my Saviour,
You are my guide,
Forgiving, generous God.

I will sing of your love forever,
Your light illuminates me,
You enable,
You strengthen,
You care, you provide,
Compassionate, loving God.

Lord of love and life, we praise and thank You for the world You have created; for the sights and sounds and for the simple beauty of all that is around us.  Thank You that all creation points to your love and faithfulness.

Thank You that you invite us to come to You just as we are.  As we reflect and focus on Jesus, on how much He loves us and all He has done for us, refresh us with the knowledge of your truth; remind us of your love, your grace and strength in our hearts, that we may sing of your love and faithfulness to a world in need of hope, love and compassion.  Amen

Ruth Rushworth

Image: Cheryl O’Connor – used with permission