The Lord is righteous in all his ways and faithful in all He does.

Ps 145:17 NIV

Your goodness follows me,
all of my days;
I worship You alone,
I give You all my praise;
For You alone are my Lord, my God,
Your love cannot be erased;
You are loving, just and faithful,
In each and every one of your ways.

Faithful God, your love is unchanging; You have loved since before the creation of this world and will continue to love for all eternity.  Thank You that You made us to share in this love with You and with each other. Nothing can take away or add to your love, for your very nature is love.

Loving God, if there are times when we doubt, help us to reflect on the greatest act of love – the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross, offering the gift of complete forgiveness and new and eternal life.

Gracious God, may we fix our gaze on Jesus and open our hearts, our minds and our lives to your wonderful love.  May we speak freely of your love and encourage and support each other in our faith.  May your Holy Spirit bring your peace to anyone seeking the assurance of your faithful love.  Amen.

Ruth Rushworth