…God has poured out his love into our hearts by means of the Holy Spirit, who is God’s gift to us.
Romans 5:5 GNT

Blowing away the cobwebs
A refreshing cleansing breath,
Reaching every nook and cranny,
A holy, living guest.

Like the refreshment of the morning dew,
The warmth of the midday sun,
The coolness of the eventide,
The Holy Spirit comes.

He comes, strong as an eagle,
Yet as gentle as a dove,
With the grace and peace of God in Jesus,
Assuring eternal, heavenly love.

He comes with a love transforming,
To enrich our everyday lives,
To reveal the fullness of Jesus,
That in Him we may abide.

Loving God, we simply come to You; we come with thankfulness for Jesus, for his life and love; a love beyond measure; a love that can never be extinguished…..

We come in quietness, in stillness, setting aside the demands and tasks of the day to focus on You.  As we breathe in, may we breathe in the peace, the presence and the refreshment of your Holy Spirit; your peace in Jesus, Emmanuel, God with us……

We come, we lay down our lives and open our hearts to You…. We thank you for the gift of your Holy Spirit and reflect on your transforming love in our lives…… Amen.

Ruth Rushworth