The eternal God is your refuge and his everlasting arms are underneath you.
 Deut 33:27 NLT 
His arms are outstretched
In a welcome embrace,
Inviting all
To look into his face,
To sit at his feet,
To believe in Him,
To receive his life,
And freedom within.
His arms are outstretched 
In a loving embrace,
Enfolding all
in forgiveness and grace,
He gave his life
That we may belong,
To the family of God,
Emboldened and strong.
His arms are outstretched 
In an eternal embrace,
To encircle the world
And the human race,
To show compassion
On all he has made,
To guard and protect,
To love and save.
Loving, eternal God, Jesus stretches out his arms to enfold all of creation.  May we care for and be good stewards of our beautiful world….

Loving, eternal God, as Jesus asks us to open our arms to others, may we love our neighbours as ourselves and be channels of the healing love, compassion and justice of Jesus……

Loving, eternal God, we praise You for your unfailing love.  May we open our arms more widely to receive the love and blessings that are ours in Jesus….  Amen.
Ruth Rushworth