He has made everything beautiful in it’s time….
Ecclesiastes 3:11 NLT

Let all the world shout
Let all the world sing
Let all the world praise
Jesus, our Saviour
Christ, our risen King.
No work is too hard
No task is too small
His love without limit
His grace welcomes all.
He knows the world
In all of it’s ways
He says “do not fear”
My plans will prevail.
He gave his life
That we might be saved
From all that will perish
Spoil and fade.
He gave his all
That we might be free
To love, live and work
To his greater glory.
He has prepared for us 
In heaven above
A place of rest
Of endless love.
He looks on us
He knows our face
Holds every feature
In his loving embrace.
Gracious God,
To You we raise
Our hearts of love
Our songs of praise.
Loving Creator God, we look at the simple beauty and intricate detail of the delicate dandelion clock, often thought of as a common weed, yet perfectly and lovingly crafted by You. We praise you for this reminder of the variety and beauty of your creation and the reassurance of your endless love and care for us…… 

Loving God, You have made us in your image. You know even the smallest detail about us, you see our every move and you have counted each hair on our head.  You tell us not to us not to worry and not to fear.  You ask us to trust in You. 
Gracious God, strengthen and sustain us by the power of your Holy Spirit, and grant us your peace, as we place our trust in You.  We lift the prayers of our hearts, for our world, our communities, and all we love and pray for to You, in the name of Jesus, our Saviour.  Amen
Ruth Rushworth