…Perfect love drives out fear …

1 John 4:18 NIV

Through the heart of love
We are cherished
We are led.

Through the mind of love
We are nourished
We are fed.

Through the gaze of love
We are seen
We are known.

Loved and accepted
Brought safely home.

Gracious God, we praise you for the resurrection of Jesus on Easter morning and the new and everlasting life we have through him!

We thank you that we have a true and eternal home, a rich inheritance in heaven; one that will never fade, spoil or perish, kept in heaven for us, until you call us home. Thank you that there are many rooms in your heavenly home, a place for each and every one of us, secured by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus our Saviour.

Therefore, we need not fear.

Loving God, we praise you and thank you for your perfect, all-embracing love. No person or situation is beyond the reach of your amazing grace. May we turn to Jesus in trust and faith to receive all you offer us in our lives today, out of the boundless riches of your goodness and love. Amen.

Ruth Rushworth

See :-
John 11:25
1 Peter 1:4
John 14:2